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  • Locations: Caceres, Spain
  • Program Terms: Extended-Term
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Restrictions: K applicants only
Program Information:

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Budget Info

The attached Excel spreadsheet is only used to help ESTIMATE the cost of study abroad. Click the link to open the Excel spreadsheet (Study Abroad Budget Est EXTENDED TERM 18-19.xlsx). While every attempt is made to be as accurate as possible, there may be adjustments (±) to the final payment amount. Each student’s individual circumstances will affect the final cost.
The Comprehensive Fee includes:

-       Room and board while classes are in session

-       All academic tuition and fees

-       Excursions included as part of the academic program

It does not include:

International air travel to the program location

-       Room and board during Christmas, Holy Week, and other extended vacation periods when the academic program is not in session

-       Books and other required educational materials (including photocopies and personal printing–typically $150 per quarter) or additional lab or music fees

-       Cost of local transportation at the program location, including field trips for a course

-       Passports or required photographs

-       Visa fees for Australia; Botswana; Beijing, China; Hong Kong, China; Costa Rica; Denmark; Egypt; England; Greece; Hungary (BSM and BSCS); India; Ireland; Israel (Be'er Sheva and Jerusalem); Japan (Kyoto, Hikone, and Tokyo); or Scotland.

-       Travel expenses to consulates and/or embassies to apply for the student visa. In some cases these expenses may include air travel to appear in person for appointments, biometric processing fees, or fees for additional processing.

-       Required physical exams, x-rays and other medical tests (these costs may or may not be covered by insurance)

-       Any required and recommended immunizations (these costs will vary from $35 to $1989 depending upon destination)

-       Any anti-malarial prophylactic pills (where recommended by the CDC) that the student takes abroad (average cost $10.00 per pill taken on a weekly basis–total cost varies from $100-$800 depending on the length of the program)

-       Required health and accident insurance or required medical evacuation insurance (where indicated in the Study Abroad Handbook)

-       Independent travel while abroad or incidental expenses en route and abroad

-       Personal property insurance; cell phones or internet fees/usage; or memberships/fees at local gyms or exercise classes

This document contains the most accurate information available at time of publication. Statements contained herein are not contractual obligations, and verbal or other representations that are inconsistent with or not contained within the Academic Catalogue's offerings or policies are not binding. Kalamazoo College and the Center for International Programs each reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or change without specific notice, programs, offerings, policies, procedures, qualifications, fees, and other conditions of its study abroad program. Rev Date: 7/2017